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Ireland's Banks

No fees for bank transaction in the countries of the Euro area .  In countries outside this area but member state of the UE there are banks charges for any transaction : direct payment or withdrawals . Abroad, our bank runs as in France, we can use website, application, make transfers on it, etc. Some advices of my Bank : • Banks advice to have an appointment with an adviser to check what will be needed abroad, to adjust the offer.   Like for instance : increase bank ceilings , or create a second card in case of rob.   • Make a “ proxy ” with parents, to give them right of access to your account in France. In order to settle troubles if you cannot move directly in your agency. + You can also see agreements between Kedge and Banks to have some discount (like in LCL) + You can ask for a "Credit Card", to be able to be in overdraft, if you have to make a big expense   (not the same as Debit card )   + Mo

Loughborough University

LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY ABOUT THE TOWN: Loughborough is situated in the Charnwood Borough in Leicestershire. Near bigger cities: 30 minutes away from Nottingham by car ; 30 minutes away from Leicester ; a little bit more than 1 hour from Birmingham ; 1 hour and a half from London by train... The town is pretty quiet and small, you don't need a car to move inside the town. Places to visit in Loughborough:  - Queen's Park, in the middle of Loughborough - Great Central railway For more informations: - Beacon Hill Country Park SPECIFICS ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY: History The institution (a small technical institute) dates from 1909, and has been a university since 1966. The founding father is Dr Herbert Schoefield. The school has since the biginning acquired a good reputation of teaching and research. For more information: About the students The university has

Work/Taxes in UK

 Work From Europe → Not much requirements : Contact JobCentre Plus for a National Insurance Number ( Appointement -> Fulfill  a form and give your ID card ) Health Insurance ( Optional ) The Brexit will not affect the requirements that much : MAYBE a working license will be needed MAYBE a Visa will be needed ( because UK will not be part of the EU anymore ) Taxes Income Taxes ( taken from source ) P.A.Y.E : Pay As You Earn Net Taxable Incomes = Net Incomes - £6575/years ( under 65 ) Tax Rate : NTI between £0 and £34 800 : 20% £34 800 and £150 000 : 40% More than £150 000 : 50%

National University of Ireland Galway

National University of Ireland Galway Contributors: Samuel Bertrand Camille Gaudron  Alexis Huyghe 1) University 2) Rules and subscription 3) University Habits

Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian University Student life : Campus Life University is very different from school and college – but in a good way! You’ll enjoy a much greater sense of responsibility and independence in the way you learn. Find out more with our guide to university life. Student’s association University is a great place to meet new people, and Glasgow Caledonian University places a lot of emphasis on creating a sociable environment for study and recreation. Away from the campus, Glasgow itself provides lots of opportunities to build the kind of social life you want. Glasgow Glasgow could have been invented for students. It’s all here - parks, nightlife, spectator sports, leisure facilities, galleries, restaurants, cinemas ... And best of all, the Glasgow Caledonian campus is slap bang in the centre of everything. Plus Glasgow offers easy access to Scotland’s famous lochs and glens and equally famous festivals and events. There’s more of course, but you’ll just have